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54 - The Fractal of Time and the Divisions of the Zodiac. Phenomenological Analysis of Time Cycles and Periods - Part II

On 07.05.2022 at 21:00 BG time will be held a seminar on "The Fractal of Time and the divisions of the Zodiac. Phenomenological analysis of time cycles and periods. Part II". This seminar will continue with the idea of the fractal nature of time by looking at the 7 major self-similar time cycles and their underlying patterns. Last time, the 7 basic levels of Fractal-Time were discussed, making sense of the divisions into 2 (halves), divisions into 3 (decans), and this seminar will continue from the divisions of 4 (quarters) and the divisions of 5 (terms) of the basic cycles and will bring out the basics of the 6 (genies),7 (base fractal pattern),12 (dodecatemoria) and 30 (monomoria - degrees) divisions. Thus the key divisions of the zodiac will be conceptualized and defined and their nature understood. This is a fundamental lecture without which it is not possible to study predictive astrology and the essential merits of the planets in the various divisions of the zodiac.

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