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On June 5, 2021, Filip Filipov will hold a seminar on the topic: "The Internal Divisions of the Zodiac Signs and Constellations". The seminar will explain where the internal divisions of the zodiac come from. The connections between the calendars of the ancient Astrological cultures and the different divisions will be shown. The connection between Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian astrology and the division of the zodiacal constellations into dyads, decans, terms, dodecatemoria and degrees will be explained. The connection of Egyptian astrology with the decans and the transition of the zodiacal knowledge about the divisions of the zodiac signs from Mesopotamia to Egypt will be explained. Information will be given about the origin of the dyads - the division into two equal parts of each zodiac sign and the very structure of the Father Zodiac - the Fixed Babylonian Zodiac from the Constellations. It will be explained where the decans came from and how the two ancient Astrological cultures, Mesopotamia and Egypt, give different calendar interpretations to the 36 decans. It will be shown how the division of each zodiac sign into 5 unequal parts originates from the lunar calendar and the 5 main phases of the lunar cycle. The idea of ​​the self-similarity of the zodiac and the 12 divisions of each zodiac will be explained. The connection between the so-called Perfect calendar, solar and lunar features and 360 degrees in a circle. It will be shown how the decans and the terms are used for rectification of the horoscope - specifying the exact time of the person's birth ... Welcome to the seminar!

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