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89 - The New Teaching for the Stars applied to Sirius, Part II

On 25.03.2023 at 21:00 BST will be held a seminar on "The New Teaching of the Stars applied to Sirius, Part II". This seminar will apply the New Teaching of the Stars to the brightest star in the sky after the Sun, Sirius. It will also continue with the application for the first time of the interpretation and synthesis of the fundamental characteristics of the stars from an Esoteric point of view specifically to the star that has defined the life and spiritual development of humanity for thousands of years: the Sopdet - Sirius. This seminar will apply a number of ideas of Esoteric Christianity concerning one of the most important stars in Christ's Astrology. We will examine the relationship between Sirius and the Higher Worlds, concentrating on the influences of Sirius on the various levels of Reality. All this is done to overcome the elementary understanding of the stars inherited from external astrological teachings which have lost their Spiritual and Esoteric kernel. In this way the higher Astrological understanding of the stars will be shown, and this by working on one of the most beautiful and majestic stars in the night sky, Sirius, shining in diamond rays. The seminar is fundamental and not to be missed by serious learners, for there are key important ideas without which the Teaching of the Stars and Astrology itself cannot be understood.

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