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By using the website, you agree and accept that the information provided on this site, on the Facebook profile of Filip Filipov, on the Facebook pages maintained by him, and in the emails containing information and prognoses that you will receive or access in the future, is provided only with the purpose of awareness and general culture. The author of this information cannot in any way be blamed for inadequate, extreme, unreasonable, risky and reckless actions, deeds and decisions of the users and on the part of the users of this information. This information aims to reduce the risk of hazards and maximize the effective use of harmonious conditions and events occurring in sync with the cosmic configurations discussed by the author of this website and of the materials and resources described above.

Filip Filipov, as well as the website operator company and its team, can neither be blamed for accepting, understanding, accessing, using information in the astrological context of the site and the Facebook resources it provides, nor can they be blamed for missing information or benefits concerning events and processes that are described and referred to in the mentioned materials and resources. The information, resources and services developed on this site, as well as on the Facebook profile and Facebook pages maintained by Filip Filipov, are used entirely at the own responsibility of the users of these materials and resources.

Regarding the use and protection of personal data entered and used on the website:

The website and database are located on secure servers of the largest hosting company in Bulgaria. The entire site runs totally under an encrypted secure connection to your browser. Registration and all other forms on the site also communicate through this secure connection. Only the website team has access to the database, and it is also carried out via a secure encrypted connection and after authorization.

Personal data is used only for astrological analysis and communication with the user, and it is not provided to third parties. Each registered user can edit their own personal data at any time after logging in to their account on the “Account” -> “Edit” page, as well as edit their own choice to receive emails and SMS (on the same page). Deleting an account is done after sending a request to the announced contacts.

This website uses cookies to store some of the user’s settings, as well as to anonymously analyze traffic. Cookies represent packages of information stored in the user’s browser, and they do not leave the device on which the website opens. In them we do not store personal information, but only what is necessary for easier and smoother use of the site.

The site also uses localization to provide more personalized content, as well as to prevent abuse.

By using the website, you agree and accept our terms of use, privacy policy, use of your personal data and use of cookies and localization.

COPYRIGHT: No part of this website, as well as of the Facebook profile and Facebook groups maintained by Filip Filipov, may be copied, quoted, published, printed, advertised or made public in the media, published on the Internet or in newspapers, or broadcast on television, radio or any other media. This happens only after communication with Filip Filipov and after his explicit written consent.

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