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On March 6, 2021, Filip Filipov gave a 2-hour First seminar on the topic: "The Principles of Astrology". In this seminar, several important observations, reflections and assumptions were expressed, which are necessary before the serious study of Astrology begins. Also, the 7 New Hermetic Principles of Astrology were presented and the differences between Elementary and Higher Astrology, Involutionary and Evolutionary Astrology, as well as the reasons why Astrology is a deeply Christian science, were explained in great detail. These New Hermetic principles derive from the Esoteric Christian schools established by Master Peter Deunov and Rudolf Steiner, as well as from the three manifestations of Hermes in the ancient past. In this sense, the sources of modern Higher Astrology and its Esoteric Foundations were shown specifically. At the end of the seminar Filipov commented and traced how exactly the classical 7 principles of Hermes are related to Astrology, because the Second Principle of Similarity is usually commented on as a basic principle of Astrology, but the other 6 principles are usually not related to the concepts of Astrology from other lecturers. A more detailed explanation of the 7 New Hermetic Principles of Astrology and the 7 Classical Principles of Hermes, as well as information on the sources of Astrology, can be found in the video of the First Seminar. Enjoy watching!

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